MLB’s Official TikTok Posts Weird “Thirst Trap” Of Atlanta Braves’ First Basemen Matt Olson

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Someone might want to check in on whoever runs Major League Baseball’s official TikTok account…

The MLB season is heating up, with teams making their final pushes during the last two months of the season for divisional titles and playoff spots. Each team plays 162 games every year (for some reason), and it’s in these last two months of the season where they really start to feel like each one matters.

And there are plenty of storylines playing out across the league, like whether or not the Shohei Ohtani led Los Angeles Angels will make the postseason, the Yankees imploding, and the Atlanta Braves having one of the most dominant offenses the league has ever seen.

You would think that the MLB would really want to capitalize on the offensive firepower of the Braves with some social media posts covering exciting plays and home runs, but they had another idea. They saw that Atlanta Braves first baseman Matt Olson is leading the league in homers this year (43 so far this season), and said:

“What if we posted a thirst-trap style video of Olson, which doesn’t even really show him playing baseball at all?”

Yeah, you read that right. Trust me, I wish I didn’t have to explain this, but that’s exactly what the MLB TikTok did.

For some reason, amongst all the rest of their normal posts, they included a strange thirst-trap TikTok with close up video clips of Matt Olson spliced together with background music that can only be described as “seductive 70’s saxophone.”

The social media manager must have misunderstood their boss when they said “dang, Matt Olson is hot right now, someone make a TikTok about it.” That’s really the only thing I can think of that would make this video make sense…

Take a look:


More like GYATT Olson 🥵

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Maybe this TikTok is on par with what the New York Mets have been doing over the years. Their social media engagement has been through the roof anytime they post a picture or video of their mascot “Mrs. Met.”

She went viral again yesterday when this picture was posted on social media:

Mrs. Met, who may I remind you is a fictional baseball mascot, has caused stirs like this before.

That didn’t stop social media from doing their thing in the replies below the post, and making Mrs. Met go viral once again:

Seems like the MLB might be trying a little too hard to make the game of baseball more interesting and intriguing…

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