Oliver Anthony Draws Huge Crowd To Local Farmers Market Performing “Rich Men Of North Richmond”

Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony

The smile on  Oliver Anthony’s face as hundreds of people sing his words… incredible.

With nearly 9 million views within a matter of days, it is safe to say that “Rich Men of North Richmond” put Virginia native Oliver Antony more than on the map, but rocket launched him to becoming a household name.

I’d honestly give props to anyone reading this that has not heard of the artist yet; he is the talk of the town.

The man has been sharing songs on TikTok and YouTube for quite awhile now, but his recent Radio West Virginia acoustic session (the same channel that broke Logan Halstead and Nolan Taylor) highlighted his powerful lyrics, and his single resonated with worldwide viewers. With the single now resting at number one on the iTunes chart, as well as the Apple Music charts, the blue-collar anthem has given Anthony a fanbase many take years dreaming of.

Yesterday, Oliver Anthony played a set at a local farmers market in Barco, North Carolina. The man behind the camera noted that Anthony was set to be the opener for the day’s performers, but due to an unexpected crowd, he played a little longer.

He also noted there were nearly one thousand people in attendance, and reportedly 25 acres worth of cars in the parking lot… incredible for a Sunday morning farmers market.

When Anthony was set to play “Rich Men of North Richmond,” the crowd was ELECTRIC.

Crowd members sang each word alongside Anthony, highlighting how many repeat plays the single has gotten over the past few days.

They were singing it like they had known the song for years:

“Ya’ll filled 25 acres with cars for the first-ever gig! I am so proud to be a part of this moment in history.

Thanks to everyone who stayed after for photos and to tell me your story. It means more than words can describe.”

Anthony is grinning from ear to ear, hearing his music sung back to him. The crowd cheered long after the song ended, begging him to play one more song.

The man that posted the video noted in the comments that Anthony vowed to be there all night to meet everyone in the crowd. Anthony said at the beginning of the video that he was thankful to everyone braving the heat to hear him play.

I hope the future holds many more hits for Oliver Anthony… the power of music really is incredible:

Oliver Anthony also got a surprise visit from the living legend, Jamey Johnson, for an impromptu performance of “In Color.” 

It’s killer.

How ’bout it?

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