Hissing Rattlesnake Found Inside Toilet In Arizona Home

Snake in toilet
Fox 10

I’m not think I could dream up a worse nightmare, than to be sitting on the toilet and getting bit square on the a** by a snake that was lurking in the drain.

First off, I’m man enough to admit I’m petrified of snakes, and two, is there a worse way you could possibly be bit?

Unfortunately for these folks out in Arizona, this horrific nightmare became a reality.

Okay, okay… nobody got bit square on the buttocks, but they did discover a rattlesnake that was hanging out in their toilet at their Tucson, Arizona home.

As you can see in the video, the person filming walks straight into the bathroom, right up to the toilet, and proceeds to pick it up without any hesitation (Of course, it was the snake handler who grabbed it, but still have some mad respect).

You can also see the rattlesnake try to bite at the person filming.

The caption to the video explains it all:

“Bryan Hughes, owner of Phoenix-based Rattlesnake Solutions, said one of his employees was called to a woman’s home in the Catalina Foothills near Tucson late last month to catch what was called in as a rattlesnake seen in the toilet.

Michelle Lespron said she called Hughes and his team to eliminate her fear of getting bitten.

‘So many people think this is fake, but I guarantee it’s real,’ she said.”

Check it out:

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