NFL Legend Joe Montana Used To Call His Wife From The Sideline Phone During Games

Joe Montana
NFL Films

This has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever heard.

Joe Montana is no strange name to football fans. Regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, the Comeback Kid had an extensive sixteen-season career, where he was named a three-time Super Bowl MVP with the San Fransico 49ers.

While I could make this whole article about the life and accolades Montana has racked up during the years, this story has to do with his time on the sidelines.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, when players were on the field, there were often sideline phones in the stadiums. As cell phones were not accessible like they were today, those sideline phones were there for emergencies, to contact other coaching members in various parts of the stadium, or to contact team trainers and PT team members.

During one game, Montana had a little time to kill after getting some coaching feedback on the phone (shocking to hear he had downtime during each game, given the amount of playtime he had) and decided to pick up the phone just to see if it could dial outside numbers from the stadium.

“I don’t know what made me do it. But one day, I’d hung up, and I was sitting there going, “Hmmm…I wonder if these things call out.”

So, I picked up the phone, and I hit… what do you do normally? You hit 9. Gives you an outside line. 

I hit 9 and got a dial tone. I dialed my house.”

As Montana tells the story, he is so giddy it’s hard not to smile as he goes on.

Joe Montana’s wife then gets shown on camera, revealing that she was on the receiving end of the calls. The first time it happened, she was more than perplexed, given her husband should be on the field playing (and she was probably watching from the TV.)

“The phone would ring, and it would be Joe. I’d go, “What are you doing?” 

He goes, “I’m calling you! I’m calling you to say I love you.” And I go, “I love you! How are you calling?”

And he goes, “They have an outside line. I check in every stadium.'”

Joe then wraps up the heartwarming story by adding to how their conversations usually went saying:

“So I thought I’d give you a call since I’m sitting here waiting to go on the field.” 

Joe Montana was not trying to learn plays, not talking smack with his teammates, but calling his wife to tell her he loves her mid-game.

Are you kidding me? That is the cutest sh*t.

The caption for the video describes it best.

“Joe Montana calling his wife from the sideline phone is as wholesome as it gets.”

Check out another video of him talking about calling his wife on Fox Sports. 

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