Famous Alaskan Brown Bear Named Otis Has Allegedly Eaten 100 Pounds Of Salmon In The Past 36 Hours

Otis the bear

God Bless Otis, Alaska’s most famous and apparently most hungry brown bear.

You may have never heard of this brown bear from Alaska, and that’s your loss. If you aren’t checking in every day on Otis, you are truly missing out.

The Brooks River in Alaska has all kinds of live-feed cameras that are connected to Explore.org, allowing them to keep up with the animals (mainly bears) that frequent the waterway. Those following along with the footage were worried that Otis wasn’t doing well, but it turns out that he’s probably never been better.

The source of worry was primarily from 27-year-old Otis’ late emergence from hibernation early in the year, and it hasn’t helped that he has appeared slower and lethargic when he has actually been spotted on camera.

Like many sports analysts did with Tom Brady, people were saying that the brown bear named Otis had “fallen off” and was “past his prime.” Otis must have had those quotes tacked up in his den as “bulletin board material,” because he just proved everyone wrong with this incredible feat.

Earlier today, Explore.org reported that based on the footage and data that they’ve collected from their cameras focused on the Brooks River, Otis has caught and consumed over 100 pounds of salmon in the past 36 hours. An absolutely legendary second wind for a bear who is considered to be on the “back 9” of his life and has to compete with other much younger, able bodied bears for hunting and fishing spots.

100 pounds of salmon in 36 hours is Joey Chestnut level numbers. What else would you expect from the four-time Fat Bear Week champion? That’s an actual thing (trust me), and is why you might sometimes see Otis referred to as “King Otis.”

Only the most dominant and agile bears usually consume 100 plus pounds of salmon per day, so the fact that a 27-year-old Otis is putting up those numbers is reassuring for all those who were worried about him. The famous brown bear seems to be doing just fine, and is too busy catching fish to be bothered by his doubters.

Take a look at the video of Otis in action below, which includes the following caption:

“Otis 100! It is believed Otis has eaten over 100 pounds of Salmon in last 36 hours. He has been fishing non-stop!”

And the reply section below this post is legendary. Clearly there are a lot of Otis super-fans that are cheering him on:

Long live King Otis.

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