Jake Owen Celebrates 689 Days Of Sobriety: “I’ve Stuck To It, And I’m Really Proud Of Myself”

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Jake Owen is celebrating 689 days of sobriety.

He shared the news on his Instagram stories earlier, saying that it’s been over a year and a half now since he took his last sip of alcohol, in addition to encouraging others who were thinking about putting the bottle down to do the same.

In a lengthy post, he detailed some of his personal reasons for getting sober, saying that while he didn’t have a “drinking problem” in terms of an addiction he needed professional help with, but he knew he wasn’t being the best version of himself when he was drinking.

Actually, he said he was “just being an asshole” and person he didn’t want to be, which was enough for him to make this decision to completely stop drinking.

Jake told his followers that he was “really proud of” himself for sticking with it, and said he would be anyone’s supporter who also wants to get sober.

You can read the full post here:

“Now that I got your attention… I know you’re thinking about it. You kinda wanna explore ‘maybe not drinkin’ anymore.’ Well take it from me, your friend Jake. 689 days ago I made a decision. I’ve stuck to it, and I’m really proud of myself.

I was not at a point where I had a drinking problem, I was just being an asshole and being a person I don’t want to be. Trust me, there’s probably someone reading this that I affected in my days of being an idiot and I can never take that back.

I said things I shouldn’t, as well as did things I would never do sober.  I had to own up to those instances and the ONLY thing I could do was be a better person going forward. I’ve been so fortunate to have friends and family around me that support me and I’m so grateful for that.

I just want to encourage any of you that might be considering quitting drinking that you should!  Feel better. Be better.  Shoot… I’ll be your supporter. I’ll cheer you on.

If you need anymore reasons and some awesome information on why alcohol is terrible for you in general, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out this amazing podcast by Andrew Huberman, “What Alcohol Does to Your Brain, Body and Health.'”

Of course, it takes a ton of courage to openly share and acknowledge such personal struggles, and I’m sure Jake will help plenty of other people who might find themselves in a similar position by being so forthcoming and honest:

A huge congratulations to Jake, and we wish you nothing but the best as you continue your journey.

And here’s the podcast Jake was taking about:

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