California Convenience Store Clerks Caught On Video Beating An Armed Robber Are Now Under Investigation For Assault


They took matters into their own hands – and now they’re under investigation for it.

A few days ago, video went viral of two convenience store clerks at a 7-Eleven in Stockton, California delivering a little street justice to a man who claimed he armed while going through the store and loading up a trash can full of cigarettes that he was attempting to steal.

The would-be robber probably wasn’t expecting the store clerks to put up much of a fight – but he definitely got more than he bargained for.

As he tried to make off with his haul, one of the clerks tackled him to ground while another grabbed what appeared to be a broom handle and began whacking the guy until he was quite literally begging for mercy.

The entire encounter was caught on video by a bystander who provided some hilarious commentary:

“Whoopin’ his ass now. That’s called whoopin’ your ass!”

The clerks eventually let the guy go, and he walks out of the store with some help from the bystander – but not before asking if he could get a soda for the road (surely he planned on paying for that though, right?)

And police are now investigating the viral incident – and investigating the clerks.

According to KMPH, the same store had been robbed two other times in the days leading up to the incident that was caught on video.

On July 28, the suspect walked in and threatened to shoot the clerks, then made off with a garbage bag full of cigarettes.

The next day, the same man entered the 7-Eleven and took off with yet another garbage bag full of stolen goods, but this time went for food items instead of cigarettes.

The incident caught on video was from later in the same day as the second robbery, and the same man is suspected of being behind all three of the incidents.

After the beating, the suspected robber called police requesting medical attention. Police were unaware of the third robbery (and the beating) at the time that he requested assistance, but were able to piece together his identity as the robber from the video captured by the bystander.

According to KCRA, police are investigating not only the man for the string of robberies, but also the two clerks for assault.

Stockton Police say after their investigation into the assault is complete, they will forward their findings to the San Joaquin District Attorney to decide whether or not to file charges against the clerks.

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