Josiah And The Bonnevilles Deliver Encouraging Message Of Hope On “Just One Break”

Josiah and the Bonnevilles
Josiah & The Bonnevilles

The lead single from his forthcoming album Endurance.

Josiah and The Bonnevilles come out hard-hitting with “Just One Break.”

When he released his next album, he told fans he would be very vulnerable through his songwriting on this project, sharing words about love, pain, and hope.

“Today, I released this song about never giving up hope. “All it takes is just one break, and you were right all along.”

The lyrics poetically talk of being gentler on yourself and giving yourself a second to fall apart before regaining hope to keep moving along. Josiah ties elements of nature into the lyrics that show you can find a source of light even in the darkness, so time keeps moving on.

“You’re walking through your darkest hour
Running out of power right before the dawn
Looking for a ray of light in the midnight sky
Time keeps moving on.”

The melody pairs perfectly with the raw yet relatable lyrics.

“This song is for anybody that’s fighting for survival.”

Josiah said in a post promoting the song.

Through the emotionally pointed lyrics, Josiah and The Bonnevilles are set up to relate to a large audience. The topics of his songs make listeners feel like they are not alone in the emotional struggles we all face.

As a wholly independent artist, he has the creative liberty to make his sound and his lyrics the most authentic form of himself, and he embraces taking his time to put out music that he feels represents his artistry in the best form.

As Endurance was a project he kept under wraps until he announced its completion, this lead single is a solid start to what the rest of the album could hold.

I am very excited to see what else Josiah and The Bonnevilles have in store for this project.

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