Wild Beluga Whale That Escaped From The Russian Military Plays Fetch With A Rugby Ball

beluga whale

That is insane…

A wild whale just playing some fetch in the middle of the ocean. Nature is amazing.

Beluga whales are a cool animal. Although one of the smaller whales, they are still pretty large, measuring up to 18 feet and weighing up over 3,000 pounds. The live in northern Arctic areas and are known for their white appearance and large forehead.

Belugas are incredibly smart, some of the smartest in the wild. They have a large brain that is compared to a dolphin. These whales are able to communicate, and problem solve more than moist creatures.

There have been reports of the Russian military training beluga whales for specific tasks. In particular, that they had trained beluga whales to perform military operations, such as locating and retrieving objects, and conducting underwater surveillance.

Of course it was all speculation, but this beluga seems to be an escapee from the military.

These folks came across it off the coast of Norway. The beluga is seen bringing them a rugby ball. They grab it and throw it and the whale chases after it, clearly playing a game of catch.

In an Instagram post explaining where they think this intelligent whale came from:

“This beluga whale is Hvaldimir. In 2019, Hvaldimir showed up in northern Norway wearing a harness, labeled “St. Petersburg equipment,” that seemed designed to hold a camera.

Because of the inscription, along with past reports that the Russian navy was utilizing beluga whales in its military programs, people assumed the whale had escaped during Russian military operations.”

Some of these creatures are always impressively intelligent.

Beluga Whale Returns A Girl’s Phone After She Dropped It In The Ocean

These animals are smarter than we ever give them credit.

This seems like something out of a movie, but it’s not… this is how smart a whale can be.

Beluga whales are one of the coolest looking animals on the planet. They are white in color and very easily recognizable.

Of course, whales are very social animals who live in large groups called pods. They are also known to be one of the most vocal whales in the ocean.

This makes them very friendly to humans as well. They are very curious and love to come check out all things human on the surface when they can, but are extremely safe to encounter in terms of wild animals. They will often come right up to people and let them touch them.

The girls were out for a day on the ocean when tragedy struck. One of the women dropped her phone down into the ocean.

Typically, that would be that, there’s no chance of retrieving it.

But, they met the kindest beluga on this day.

The whale is seen coming straight up from the depths, as it gets closer you notice it holding something in its mouth.

It pops up right to the girls on the boat side and hands back the lost phone.

What a kind creature.

This whale literally knew the phone didn’t belong and brought it back.

I’m sure the salt water would have had its way with the phone, but hey, maybe they have a bowl of rice on board.

Regardless of the phone, the whale proves once again why they’re some of the smartest animals in the world.

Hikers Come Face To Face With Polar Bear In Terrifying Close Encounter

There’s no animal I would rather not come face-to-face with in the wild like the polar bear.

They are one of the most notorious killers in the whole world, although, they tend to live in rather remote corners of the world so fatal incidents between humans and polar bears remain relatively low.

These creatures are the largest land-based predators on Earth with adult males weighing up to 1,500 pounds and standing up to 10 feet tall when standing on their hind legs. But their size isn’t the only impressive aspect of polar bears, their hunting abilities are amazing too.

Their sense of smell is their most helpful skill, giving them the ability to smell prey from miles away or even through several feet of ice.

Polar bears are apex predators and their diet primarily consists of seals, which they hunt by waiting at breathing holes in the ice or stalking seals on the ice. They are also known to eat walruses, beluga whales, and occasionally scavenge.

Although people aren’t normally in their diet, if food is harder for them to get it can lead them to be more opportunistic for survival. Meaning, they will actively hunt you if they’re hungry enough and can pick up your scent.

These creatures are a force to be reckoned with.

These hikers were out on a winter day in Northern Ontario, Canada… a place known for its polar bear presence.

They men had their gear all set out when a polar bear quickly approached. The men are seen and heard shouting at the bear who seemingly doesn’t care. The bear snoops through their belongings and sniffs them as they shout.

One of the men hits the bear with something, scaring it enough to send it off running.

That was a close one… a little too close for comfort.

And that jacket probably cost him a grand, too… hopefully it wasn’t damaged.

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