Kyle Busch Hilariously Drops F-Bomb On Live TV When Joey Logano Calls Him Mid-Race

Joey Logano SRX Racing

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano aren’t exactly best friends.

The two NASCAR superstars have a long history of run-ins with each other, including in this year’s Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum when Busch wasn’t happy after getting spun by Logano.

After the race, Busch had some harsh words for his competitor:

“I definitely am behind on that young buck. So one of these days I need to start getting back on the horse and grabbing it by the horns, I guess you’d say.

It’s really unfortunate to be raced by guys that are so two-faced. We were in the TV booth earlier in the night together and when we were all done with that he was like “Hey man, good luck tonight.” And I’m like “Ok great, thanks, yeah, whatever.”

And then lo and behold, there you go, he wrecked me. Don’t even talk to me if you’re going to be that kind of an a**hole on the racetrack.”

So yeah, Joey’s probably not who Busch wants to hear over his radio when he’s behind the wheel.

But during last night’s SRX race at Berlin Raceway in Michigan, that’s exactly what happened.

If you aren’t familiar with the SRX Series, it’s a short-track racing series founded by Tony Stewart that features superstars from all different motorsports series, including NASCAR, IndyCar and dirt track racing. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s been entertaining as hell to watch every Thursday night.

Busch was running last night’s SRX race, trying to go back-to-back after winning last week at Motor Mile Speedway in Virginia. But as he was fighting for the lead, an unwelcome voice came over his radio: Joey Logano, who was in the broadcast booth calling the race for ESPN.

With Busch running second to leader Brad Keselowski, and fighting off a challenge from IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves, Logano (or probably the producers at ESPN) decided it would be a great time to call up Kyle Busch on the radio in the middle of the race.

And they were right, because the results were hilarious.

Logano acknowledged that Busch probably didn’t want to be hearing from him in particular while he was in the middle of a race:

“I figured I’m the person you would love to hear in your ear right now, so I’m here for you.”

And Busch had a hilarious response:

“Hearing you on my radio just f*ckin’ lights a fire under my ass.”

Logano and his partner in the booth, Allen Bestwick, couldn’t stop laughing, as Logano continued to seemingly try to get under Kyle’s skin, spotting for him as he got passed by Castroneves:

“Well I’ll stay here as long as you need me. You got Helio behind you. He’s looking on your inside. He’s there. He’s tapping you, hang on to ‘er. He’s pushing hard. He’s still there. He’s in there, bud. You’re clear behind him though. I could be your spotter. Plenty of room behind you, you got three car lengths.”

Just what Kyle wanted to hear I’m sure, but it made for some great TV.

And Logano got a good laugh out of the interaction after he let Kyle go back to racing:

“I’m glad that I can still fire up Kyle Busch. That makes me happy.”

If you’re a racing fan and not watching the SRX Series on Thursday nights, you’re missing out.

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