Two Bull Moose Smack Paddles In A Quiet Alaskan Neighborhood

Moose fight in driveway
National Geographic

When the work week is grinding you down, I always like to disconnect for a little bit and get myself a dose of some nature.

You know, something calm and relaxing to quickly get my mind right before I dive back into grind. Something like… two moose trying to rip each other’s heads off in some guy’s driveway.

This old favorite comes to us from a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska, back in 2015, when the quiet little neighborhood got a front row seat to these two moose battling it out during the rut.

They’re amped up, their hormones are raging, they’re looking for ladies, and they’re willing to fight anybody that gets in the way.

It nature’s equivalent of watching two frat guys fight in a Taco Bell at two in the morning after striking out with every female in town.

Except, it’s way cooler and doesn’t end with one of them yelling, “my dad’s a lawyer.”

Check it out:

Two Bull Moose Take The Fight Into The Bed Of A Truck In Colorado Driveway

This is dangerously close.

Living in upstate South Carolina my whole life, the only things you really need to watch out for are copperhead snakes and meth head tweakers.

It’s hard to even comprehend the thought of having to look out for bears, elk, bison, or the occasional bald eagle that may swoop in and attempt to steal your pet sitting in the front yard.

It’s hard to believe that scenarios like this occur in the same country I live in, but they do…

A guy by the name of Jon Wade posted a video to Facebook, of two massive bull moose having a battle to the death in his neighbor’s yard in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

It’s mating season for moose, which means they’re looking for their mate, and they’re willing to fight off any other competition that may try to take their mate away from them.

These two big boys were smacking paddles in, and at one point in the video, it appears one of the bulls knocks down the other down into the driveway, making an extremely loud noise. They took off a side mirror in the process.

It’s pretty civil for a minute, but shit really starts to hit the fan when they make their way over to Wade’s neighbor’s Toyota Tacoma, and the fight ends up landing in the bed of the truck, and they continue to fight like there’s no tomorrow.

It appears that there was no serious damage done to the truck, but it’s hard to tell from the distance the video was taken from.

Insurance company is never gonna believe this one…

Check it out:

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