Kayak Fisherman Accidentally Catches A Great White Shark In Canada: “Jesus Christ… What The F*ck Is That?”

Kayak fishing
Rick Austin

Yep, I don’t think any recreational angler in the world would’ve been prepared for this.

Rick Austin was fishing for striper from his kayak in the Minas Basin, which is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

After catching a mackerel, he decided to put it on the hook whole, cast it out, and see what he came up with it.

Until something hit it like a hammer…

Next thing you know, a HUGE grey creature emerges to the surface, and swims directly under Austin’s kayak. You can hear him yell in the video:

“JESUS CHRIST… What the f*ck is that?”

As the fish continued to take more line, you can see it breach in front of the kayak.

Austin initially mistook the creature for a porpoise from the quick glimpse he was able to catch.

He said:

“I’ve got to let that go.”

He cut the line and released the giant fish, thinking it was indeed a porpoise, however, it wasn’t what he had on the end of the line…

It was a great white shark.

Austin wrote in a Facebook post:

“No stripers today but I hooked this. I have my thoughts on what it is but I am getting different opinions. Anyone know for sure what it is?”

And then he got his answer:

“Biologists at the New England aquarium in Massachusetts and the Department of Integrative Biology from the University of Guelph, Ontario have confirmed that it is indeed a Great White shark.

They estimate it to be between 6 to 8 feet long weighing between 200 to 250 pounds.”

Yeah, good thing he cut it loose…

Talk about a wild scene… you never know what you’re gonna find when you throw in a line, and that’s the beauty of fishing.

Check it out:

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