Dak Prescott Responds To Trevon Diggs Calling Him A B*tch: “That’s Iron Sharpening Iron”

Dak Prescott
Fox 4

As a big time Dallas Cowboys fan, I’ll be the first to say the stuff I’ve been hearing this offseason about quarterback Dak Prescott has not been good.

First off, we’ve been hearing from owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy that they’re going to be putting a ton of emphasis on running the football, which typically is an elusion to the fact that the quarterback has not looked good.

And now, we have video footage of Dallas’s star cornerback Trevon Diggs just verbally abusing Dak, telling him to shut his “b*tch a** up.”

I know, I know, sh*t talk is just a part of the game, even amongst teammates, but this sounded really personal, and it can’t help but make you wonder if Dallas’s defense even respects their quarterback at all.

But speaking of the verbal altercation, Prescott weighed in on Diggs’ comments in an interview with FOX4:

“Yeah, very healthy banter between two teammates.

I’m just glad the things I say maybe weren’t on social media for the people that don’t understand to take in the run with, but that’s a guy I spend a lot of time with going back and forth.

And when you’re competing at a high level and you believe that your side is better than the other side and that’s mutual, that’s iron sharpening iron.

So words are words… he’s a brother much more than he is a teammate, so nobody gets upset about words being said and when you compete at a high level you almost have to expect that.”

I know the Dallas heat is hot and tensions run even hotter during competition, but man I hope this isn’t eluding to a rough season for the Boys.

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