AI Generated Model Sends “Boomers” Into A Frenzy (They Don’t Realize She Isn’t A Real Person)

Vicky Verano

Alright, we are officially at the point of artificial intelligence where things are getting out of hand.

Ladies and gentlemen (probably mostly gentlemen), what you are about to see is an AI generated influencer. You read that correctly. The social media account is owned and operated by a “virtual model,” and though you can tell if you look closely (and I’m sure people are), people on X are unknowingly falling head over heels for someone who doesn’t actually exist.

Her (?) name is Vicki Verano, and the bio for the account describes herself (?) as:

“Digital Creator, Virtual Influencer & Model. ‘I ain’t here on business baby – I’m only here for fun!'”

And she also appears to be “here” to fool unsuspecting creepy men into thinking that she’s real. Just a short scroll through the NSFW account should make it clear that there’s something “off” about the photos being posted, but something must be distracting the viewers from putting two and two together…

You might be asking “so what’s actually happening with this account,” and to that I can confidently say that I’m not entirely sure. As far as the artificial intelligent aspect of it goes, someone is asking AI programing to develop “thirst traps” for social media, and the intelligence is scanning the internet and mashing and mixing things to create pictures and videos.

Whether the pictures or videos are based on actual people is unknown, but likely. That’s how artificial intelligence does its thing, and the fact that people are being dumb enough to fall for it goes to show that there might be valid concern with AI taking over the world.

This particular post is really making its rounds on social media, with the fake, digitally created person “modeling a Monday bikini.” If I were a social media influencer, I would be pretty concerned seeing stuff like this, because AI could very well be coming for your job.

Take a look:

And now we get into the best part about this, the weird reactions from people in the reply section of the video.

As I stated earlier, “boomers” were falling hard for the virtual influencer and model, and some other smart social media users were calling out the idiots:

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A beer bottle on a dock