Wakeboarding Man Reaches Down And Snags A Catfish Mid-Ride

ESPN/Jonas Melber

Who needs a fishing pole?

It is a little unconventional but I’m definitely here for it.

Nothing beats a day out on the water just relaxing and ripping around. It’s always a great way to create memories, having a laugh and seeing cool things.

But there’s always some stories that just stand out in time and I think this is probably one of them.

Wakeboarding is a great activity on the water. Standing up on a board and getting pulled across the water by a boat just sounds like a great time.

Catfish are not a species a person would typically expect to see near the surface, many are bottom feeders. But they are opportunistic and will go just about anywhere for a quick bite. They will go to the surface to feed on things on top of the water like bugs or smaller fish.

This guy is seen out for a rip on his wake board.

He reaches down in a flash and pulls up a dandy sized catfish as he’s still riding the board. I mean, what a snag.

Everyone wants to land a fish, but this is next level.

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A beer bottle on a dock