Shania Twain Says She Was Called “America’s Best Paid Lap Dancer” When She First Started In Country Music

Shania Twain country music singer
Shania Twain

How is anybody gonna hate on Shania Twain?

A ’90s country legend, one of the highest selling artists of all time, in any genre… I mean, I had a poster of her on bedroom door when I was like 9 years old for crying out loud.

You know how hard it was to land that coveted bedroom door poster real estate? Pretty damn hard. Michael Jordan, Sammy Sosa, Shania Twain… we’re talking elite company here.

Anyways, on her Apple Music radio show, Home NowShania got to talking about some of the early criticisms in her career, and some of the more hurtful comments that she remembered reading after her breakout single “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” blew up in 1995.

And shocker… the bulk of her criticism was centered around her looks, as if that was the extent of her talent:

“I was criticized as an artist. I’m surprised I ever had any hits actually when I read them now.

So for example, part of the quote from one of my reviews was: ‘She’s America’s best paid lap dancer in Nashville. She’s hot, but can she sing? Is Shania just a flash in the pan? The most famous midriff in Nashville.’

So yeah, I ended up having hits anyway. Very satisfying.

And what I just quoted were all quotes based on that first single from the ‘Woman In Me’ album. I wrote the song. And I was a little bit hurt, I guess, at the harsh critics, not focusing on the music.

And the fans just wiped all of that hurt away and made the song one of my biggest hits. Thank you, fans.”

If you want to make the argument that Shania was “too pop” for country music, fine… you’re probably not alone in that sentiment.

But these comments came after “Whose Boots,” very early in her career, and not after some of her more pop material like “That Don’t Impress Me Much” or “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” Not to mention some of her newer music that is straight up pop.

But in the end, Shania went on to become an absolute powerhouse in the music world… so who’s laughing now?

She also added the one song that she wish more people knew:

“There’s a song off the ‘Now’ album called ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl.’

I just enjoy listening to that song as a listener, a music listener. It’s very easy going. It reminds me a little bit of the song ‘Forever And For Always.’ I’m a very acoustic guitar writing songwriter, and I like to jangle on the guitars. I’m figuring out melodies.

So the songs that often go to that rolling over acoustic finger jangle are always the songs that resonate most with me.”

Welp, let’s give it a listen:

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Shania Twain & Billy Currington Reunite For Performance Of 2004 Hit “Party For Two”

A classic duet.

Shania Twain and Billy Currington’s “Party For Two” is an iconic tune from the early 2000s. The pop-country single was a massive hit for Twain, and the back-and-forth conversation between Twain and Currington is one of the most recognizable conversational songs.

This past weekend at Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan, Twain surprised the crowd during her headlining set and brought out Billy Currington for the duet.

It makes perfect sense; Currington was also performing at the festival, so why not get together and bring the single to the stage for the first time in a LONG time. In fact, it has been nearly twenty years since the two graced a stage together.

“What a party at Faster Horses Festival!

I even had the cutest member of the audience join me on stage for “Any Man Of Mine” and Billy Currington for a little ‘Party For Two.'”

They last performed the song together for Good Morning America in 2004.

It really dates how long it’s been since the TV host announced Currington as “the hot new kid on the block.”

Now two decades later, they sound just as good as they did back in 2004.

“Billy, let me ask you one more time…

Billy, are you ready for a party?”

Shania says to the coastal cowboy on stage.

“Let’s get it.”

Currington replies.

When they get to the song’s chorus, they have the crowd singing along. The crowd is having a blast soaking in the historic moment on stage.

Say what you may about Shania’s current tour (the reviews haven’t been great), but you can’t deny she is pulling out all the stops for who joins her on stage.

Shania Twain Takes A Tumble Onstage In Chicago

Country music legend Shania Twain has been at it for quite some time, so she’s not going to let a small on-stage fall stop her from delivering her hits to her massive fanbase.

The 5-time-Grammy-winner is currently on her Queen of Me Tour, and stopped by Chicago last night to bring fans in the Windy City a classic Shania performance.

Her concert was taking place at the Credit Union 1 Amphitheater in Tinley Park, and as she was rocking out her hit song “Don’t Be Stupid,” an unplanned, non-choreographed stunt took place on stage.

As she walked across the stage in front of one her bandmates, the 57-year-old country singer slipped and fell right onto her butt. Fans across the amphitheater gasped as she hit the ground, but the screams of fear quickly turned to shouts of support as Twain kept the song going as she sat on stage.

Shania really didn’t miss a beat, laughing it off and even playing it off to the point where though it was obviously an accident, it almost looked like a planned spill.

Twain stayed put on the ground for just a second, raising her non-microphone hand and saying something to her fans that sounded like “we love you.” It is a little tough to tell with all the cheers of support pouring in from the crowd.

After handling the tumble like a professional, Shania continued to sing as she stood back up and carried on with the concert. There are no reports that say she was injured, and according to concertgoers, she wrapped up the performance without ever taking a break.

Shania, if you happen to be reading this, just know that everyone would’ve been okay with you taking a second to recuperate.

I applaud your dedication to your music and your fans, but I know personally that if I were performing (which would never happen) and fell down (which would probably happen), I would most definitely say “guys, I’m going to take a tight five and get a gatorade.”

Clearly I’m not an absolute class-act like Shania is, because she flawlessly kept the show going. Did she slip on her dress, or did the stage have some moisture on it, causing her to fall?

Who knows, but it doesn’t really matter because Twain said “Giddy Up!” and carried on like nothing happened. Legendary stuff.

Take a look:


How did she pull this off so good?!?! @Shania Twain #shaniatwain

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