Cody Johnson Teases New Single “The Painter” In Video Dancing With His Wife

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We just got our first taste of new Cody Johnson music…and this man does NOT miss.

At the end of July, Johnson confirmed that we would be getting a single this month, “The Painter,” on August 14th, along with confirmation of his deluxe album Leather, slated to release in the fall.

“So August 14th, we have a new single going to radio, it’s called ‘The Painter.’

This fall, I’m not sure if it will be November or December, the first part of my deluxe album will come out, and I’ve been secretly behind everybody’s back recording a 24-track deluxe album.”

Well, right on beat, on the first of the month, Johnson takes to Instagram to tease the single with a sweet video of him and his wife dancing in a field.

“Showed me colors I ain’t never seen…” 

As this is the first snippet we have heard of the song, my ears are buzzing. I can tell this is about to be a good one. The lyrics tell a sweet and tender love story and how the lady in his life always sees the bright side of things.

“I can’t remember,
A life before she came into the picture
Brought the beauty I was missing with her
Showed me colors I ain’t ever seen
She took chances
With every wall I built, she saw a canvas
I thank God every day for how he made her
My life was black and white, but she’s the painter”

The teaser visuals perfectly compliment the snippet of lyrics we get as image fills with color halfway through the video.

While we are still two weeks away from the single’s release date, I’m hoping we will get a few more teaser clips for the tune before then.

You can’t find many like CoJo these days…cowboy and artist all in one.

Cody Johnson Announces New Single “The Painter” Is Dropping Next Month

The Texas cowboy revealed a little while back that he had a 24-track deluxe album called Leather on the way, and he just confirmed that it will be out this fall, sometime in November or December.

In an interview with iHeart Radio’s Spencer Graves, CoJo confirmed that he also has a new single coming to country radio soon called “The Painter,” which will be out everywhere on August 14th.

He also mentioned a concept album was in the works called The Cowboy Sessions, which is nothing but covers of old cowboy songs by Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, George Strait and plenty more.

That is, quite literally, music to my ears…

“Doing a concept album called ‘The Cowboy Sessions,’ and it’s nothing but old cowboy songs, like Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, so the entire record is just covers.

I’m covering Chris LeDoux, I’m covering George Strait, I’m covering Tom T. Russell and all this stuff and I’m like, that’s kind of close to what you’re saying.”

And possibly most interestingly, Cody says that he’d like to eventually record a bluegrass, gospel, and even full-blown rock album.

He added that there are a few tracks on Leather that he included strictly to play at his live shows, which are because he simply wanted to, though it’s all going to be country as hell in true CoJo fashion:

“But in my future, I think a bluegrass album, I think a gospel album, give you really fun full-blown rock album… There’s 24 tracks on this album. The album’s called ‘Leather.’

But when I recorded it, that’s a gospel song, those three songs are recorded just for my live show, whether they ever go anywhere.

That’s because I wanted to. That’s because it’s so country I wanted to, that’s because it’s so country nobody else would cut it. These songs right here we’d probably put on the radio.

Because that’s what we’re here to do is make country music. And I think that’s what’s gonna separate us from a lot of people.”

Cody also confirmed a while back that the record includes a duet with Carrie Underwood, which I’m sure will be incredible seeing as they’re two very strong and talented vocalists who can sing absolutely anything.

It might even have a Jelly Roll feature, too…

Cody most recently put out another double album, Human: The Double Album, in 2021, which produced the multi-week #1 hit “‘Til You Can’t.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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