Man Jumps In And Starts Throwing Punches When His Girlfriend Gets Into A Fight At Luke Combs Concert

concert fight

Can’t people just get along and enjoy some good country music?

Fights at concerts are nothing new, but now that there are cell phones everywhere we see a lot more of them going viral. And this one at a recent Luke Combs concert has people talking after a man was seeing throwing punches at a group of female fans.

According to the woman who posted the video, the fight started when the man in the Phillies jersey got upset that people weren’t saying excuse me as they were coming through, so the girlfriend pushed one of the girl’s moms.

From there, all hell breaks loose, with several girls going after the girlfriend as the boyfriend seemingly jumps in to help out, pulling the girls off and throwing punches while trying to get his girlfriend to safety.

Once the boyfriend gets involved the girls turn their attention to him too, but he doesn’t just stand by and take their punches and instead starts swinging back at them.

Somebody finally steps in and the man grabs his girlfriend to shield her, all the while throwing haymakers at the girls who are still coming after his girlfriend.

And the crowd starts booing the man and his girlfriend as they ride up the escalator away from the scene, but the guy just turns and flips the bird to those below…as a security guard runs after him.


Unsurprisingly, the comments on the video are split between people who are applauding the guy for protecting his girl, and those calling him a coward for throwing punches at women:

Reportedly, the girls were kicked out of the concert but the man was not, although who knows if that’s the truth just because it’s on the internet.

Insane. Just enjoy the music, folks. No need for all this madness.

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