RANKED: The Top 25 Flatland Cavalry Songs

Flatland Cavalry country music
Fernando Garcia

There aren’t many bands out there that do it better than Flatland Cavalry.

Their latest single “Last American Summer” is the most recent proof, but Flatland has been releasing awesome music ever since they burst onto the Texas scene with their debut EP Come May in 2015.

Formed in Lubbock, TX and now calling Nashville home base, the six-piece country outfit led by endearing frontman Cleto Cordero have climbed through the regional Texas music scene, and while still staying true to their Lone Star roots, seem to be well on their way to becoming country music superstars.

Originally drawing comparisons to the legendary Turnpike Troubadours, largely due to Cordero’s impressive lyricism and knack for storytelling, as well as the band’s fiddle-heavy country/rock & roll attack, Flatland Cavalry has since forged a sound that is indisputably unique and distinctly their own.

And while a comparison to the Turnpike Troubadours is about the best you can get – they are modern day superstars in their own rights and admittedly have had a major influence on Cleto’s music – Flatland Cavalry has built their own brand over the years. And the masses are truly beginning to take notice.

Backing Cordero in Flatland Cavalry’s current form, with each band member bringing irreplaceable talents and contributions to the band’s sound, are Jason Albers on drums, Wesley Hall on fiddle, guitarist Reid Dillon, bassist Jonathan Saenz, and utility man Adam Gallegos. Together, these six individuals make up something special, and it is obvious the endless touring and hard work in and out of the studio is paying off. With serious momentum and an extremely passionate fan base behind them, Flatland Cavalry’s shows just keep getting bigger and better, and for good reason.

This past weekend, I was watching on from the nosebleeds as Flatland Cavalry played their opening set on the second night of Luke Combs’ massive hometown throwdown at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. For me, it was awesome to see one of my favorite bands play such a big time opening show with a great opportunity for exposure.

At this point I’ve seen them play in bars of varying sizes where everyone knows every word to their songs, big time festival sets with tons of existing fans and plenty of new ones, and now in a stadium full of radio country fans, in which there were a strong number of Flatland fans but too many for my liking that seemed disinterested in the band playing two hours before Luke Combs.

As the stadium was still filling up during their early set and lingering rain surely wasn’t helping the urgency of too many fans, I couldn’t help but think about how much some of these people around me were missing out if they didn’t know who Flatland Cavalry was.

So, without further ado, I’ve compiled a ranking of my personal top 25 Flatland Cavalry songs for anyone who will listen, from the Luke Combs fans who didn’t get there in time to hear them play and be introduced to the music, to the old fan that needs to rediscover their music, or the super fan who just needs a reminder to revisit some of their favorite deep cuts every once in a while.

With a deep and ever growing catalog of music that features three full-length albums, two EPs, and a number of singles, there are a plethora of amazing Flatland Cavalry songs to choose from, so any fans ranking could look different.

But right now, here are my top 25 Flatland Cavalry songs.

Give them a listen, but don’t just stop here. Flatland Cavalry has plenty of other songs worth listening to and an impeccable live show and a seemingly never ending touring schedule that is highly likely to be coming to a city near you soon.

25. “War With My Mind” (2020)

24. “Sober Heart of Mine” (2019)

23. “Humble Folks” – Humble Folks (2016)

22. “Some Things Never Change” – Welcome To Countryland (2021)

21. “Life Without You” ft. Kaitlin Butts – Welcome To Countryland (2021)

20. “Come Back Down” – Homeland Insecurity (2019)

19. “Devil Off My Back” – Humble Folks (2016)

18. “Summertime Love” – Come May EP (2015)

17. “Tall City Blues” – Humble Folks (2016)

16. “Living By Moonlight” – Homeland Insecurity (2019)

15. “A Cowboy Knows How” – Welcome To Countryland (2021)

14. “One I Want” – Humble Folks (2016)

13. “Parallel” ft. Ashley Monroe -Songs To Keep You Warm EP (2022)

12. “Gettin’ By” – Welcome To Countryland (2021)

11. “Last American Summer” (2023)

10. “Ain’t Over You Yet” – Come May EP (2015)

9. “Traveler’s Song” – Humble Folks (2016)

8. “Coyote (The Ballad of Roy Johnson)” ft. William Clark Green – Humble Folks (2016)

7. “Mountain Song” – Songs To Keep You Warm EP (2022)

6. “Stomping Grounds” – Humble Folks (2016)

5. “Sleeping Alone” – Homeland Insecurity (2019)

4. “Missing You” – Come May EP (2015)

3. “February Snow” – Humble Folks (2016)

2. “A Life Where We Work Out” ft. Kaitlin Butts – Humble Folks (2016)

1. “No Shade of Green” – Come May EP (2015)

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