West Virginia Angler Breaks His Own State Record With Massive Channel Catfish

Channel catfish
Allen Burkett

Only a few select people can officially call themselves record holders in fishing.

But beating your own record?

That’s borderline unheard of.

However, that’s exactly what happened for West Virginia fisherman Allen Burkett, as he topped his own record that he set a year ago for the largest catfish ever caught in the state.

It all went down on the South Mill Creek Lake in Grant County, West Virginia, when Burkett reeled in a MASSIVE 37.5 pound channel catfish.

According to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, Burkett used a dead bluegill as bait, and needless to say it was a good decision, as the record catch was certified yesterday, July 26th.

This record setting catch beat out his own record that he set almost exactly a year ago, when he reeled in a 36.96 pounder last June 20th.

Burkett told MetroNews last year:

“He didn’t make it. He was just too weak to return to the water. It would have been nice to have gotten him back as big as he was. But I was able to filet him and got quite a few bags of meat.”

Although it’s uncertain if Burkett caught and released his record setter this year, but we do know that it’s a different type of catfish than the one he caught last year.

I’d say this guy needs to go buy himself a lottery ticket.

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