Louisiana Fisherman Catches Bull Shark While Out For Catfish

Shark fishing
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Louisiana may be better known for their alligators, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other man-eaters roaming the swamps.

The Bayou State is home to over 2 million alligators, but given its location on the Gulf of Mexico, there’s another predator that sometimes makes its way into the fresh or brackish waters that run throughout the land: Sharks.

Bull, lemon, and nurse sharks all have the ability to survive in brackish water. While they’re not very common, they’re not exactly rare either, like this guy found a few weeks ago.

While out for catfish, a good sized bull shark took the bait and started fighting. There’s a few short videos out there of the fight, but my goodness that guy was not going easily. Like the guy who caught it said.

“That thing is a man.”

Unfortunately, it broke the line off right at the edge of the boat so they weren’t able to fully land it (not necessarily a bad thing, can’t imagine having a pissed off bull shark in the boat is the safest thing) but not before we’re able to see it in its full glory; To my untrained eye, it looks to be around 4-5 feet with plenty of muscle.

For some reason, people down south still swim in these bayous, and not that I would have before this video, but for sure there’s no way in hell I’m jumping in now.

Stay safe out there…

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