LeBron James Says He Would Play In Saudi Arabia For A Year If They Offered Enough Money

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Late last night, before the James’ family was hit with shocking news of Bronny James going into cardiac arrest while at a USC basketball practice, LeBron was thinking about his next contract.

Thankfully, James’ son is now reportedly out of the ICU and in stable condition, as reported by NBA news breaker Shams Charania. The James family put out a statement, saying:

“Yesterday while practicing Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical staff was able to treat Bronny and take him to the hospital. He is now in stable condition and no longer in ICU.

We ask for respect and privacy for the James family and we will update media when there is more information.

LeBron and Savannah wish to publicly send their deepest thanks and appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their incredible work and dedication to the safety of their athletes.”

Considering the circumstances, sounds like the best case scenario for Bronny James as he continues to recover…

Getting back to the Lebron James’ contract talk, the current Los Angeles Lakers star appears to be paying attention to the the sports world outside of the NBA.

Kylian Mbappé, a French soccer player, is considered to be one of the best footballers on the planet. So much so, that he just got offered a $1.1 billion dollar contract to play for a Saudi Arabian club for ONE YEAR.

The soccer player would be making $776 million dollars after the transfer fee $332 million would be paid to his former team. To give you an idea of just how much money that is, Front Office Sports crunched the numbers on some other modern day deals.

If Mbappé took the deal, he would be paid more in one year than all of these other examples:

“$531M: LeBron James’ all-time NBA earnings

$494M: Patrick Mahomes’ deal through 2031

$450M: The value of the Arizona Coyotes

$367M: The New York Mets’ entire payroll

$332M: Tom Brady’s all-time NFL earnings

$225M: The 2023 NFL Salary Cap

$185M: The value of the Seattle Storm

$157M: Tiger Woods’ career PGA earnings”

And it’s funny that LeBron James’ career earnings were on that list, because the 4-time NBA Champion took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the potential Mbappé contract, hilariously saying:

“Me headed to Saudi when they call Rich Paul & Maverick Carter for that 1 year deal!”

Considering the Forrest Gump gif, it seems like LeBron is joking about the opportunity, but who knows? $1.1 billion dollars is a whole lot of money, and the Saudis look to continue to throw money around (like they did with LIV Golf) in an attempt to “sports-wash” their past and their reputation.

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