Former Kentucky Sorority Girl Dubbed “The Queen Of Chaos” Goes Viral, Wins Hearts With Her 11 Mugshots


This girl is WILD.

A former Kentucky sorority girl is going viral after her 11 mugshots and criminal charges were posted on Twitter. And dudes across the internet are falling in love with the girl being called “The Queen of Chaos.”

Her real name is Rayanna Belle Brock, and the 23-year old student at Eastern Kentucky University was recently featured by the Twitter account Mugshawtys, which posts mugshots of attractive ladies.

After posting a mugshot from Brock’s arrest for terroristic threatening in the 3rd degree, stalking, and harassing communications, the Twitter account noted that she had quite the collection of mugshots and asked if followers wanted to see them all – and of course, guys being dudes, asked for more:

And as the rest of her mugshots were revealed, people began to fall in love with Brock – and the chaos she seems to cause.

I mean, say what you will about her, but it seems like she knows how to have a good time…

As for Brock, she shared in a Facebook post last month that she’s cleaned up her act and gotten sober – but she’s also taken notice of her viral fame.

And she’s also promising to tell her side of her story on her TikTok account – which is, appropriately, @thequeenofchaos23.

Meanwhile, her posts are full of comments from guys who have fallen in love with The Queen of Chaos, despite the fact that she has a rap sheet longer than the Daytona 500:

“I’d pay a million dollars for your underwear”

“Hey rayanna, big fan of your work. Keep breaking the law baby girl.”

“Breaking laws and breaking hearts”

“I can fix her…”

(That one’s on there a lot).

“If you weren’t on probation id fly you out”

“Only thing she’s guilty of is stealing my heart”

“Girl you and I would be two felons in a pod”

The Queen of Chaos, breaking hearts one mugshot at a time.

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