Evan Honer Continues To Impress With New Song “Brother”

Evan Honer
Evan Honer

Up and coming West Coast troubadour Evan Honer is back with another new song, and you’re going to want to hear this one.

Proving to be a prolific songwriter, Honer has only been releasing music since December, but in seven months he has already officially dropped a total of 14 songs, including his spectacular debut record West on I-10 that hit streaming platforms back in April.

His debut single, a cover of Tyler Childer’s unreleased fan favorite “Jersey Giant” alongside Julia DiGrazia has amassed over 13 million Spotify streams, and his post-album single “Idk Shit About Cars” is already gaining serious traction.

Now, having released “Brother,” his brand new single, Honer has even more proof that he’s gotten pretty good at this songwriting thing. A well-written track with eye-opening, empathetic lyricism, “Brother” follows the thoughts of the narrator as he attempts to understand someone else’s problems in an effort to help a situation that is seemingly helpless.

I could try to explain in more detail here, but the proof is in the music, so go ahead and give this one a listen.

“Well I can’t walk a mile in your shoes
But there ain’t a goddamn thing I wouldn’t do
To take a portion of your pain
And break off all the bounding chains so you can stand
Taller than you ever have
And feel the weight fall off your back and hands

Oh brother I don’t see what you see and it kills me not to know
Oh brother I don’t feel what you feel but it’s eating at your bones…”

Honer’s catalog may be growing fast, but the young artist’s popularity is growing even faster… and for good reason.

If you aren’t familiar with his music yet, here are a few of his tunes that every country music fan should be listening to.

“Too Far Gone”

“Jersey Giant” ft. Julia Digrazia

“How Could I Ever”

And while we’re at it, go ahead and check out this awesome video of Honer teaming with his buddy and fellow up and comer Wyatt Flores in L.A. for a live performance of Flores’ hit “Please Don’t Go.”

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