Texas Weatherman’s Screen Malfunction Leads To All-Time Quote: “Everyone In McKinney Is Dead”

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A good sense of humor is getting harder and harder to find nowadays, which is why this clip of a weather man improvising the best meteorologist moment of all time is so damn great.

There’s no doubt that much of the country is currently dealing with an overwhelming heat wave. Much of the United States is underneath an Excessive Heat Warning, to the point where one person’s tail light in Arizona completely melted off.

Power grids are being pushed to the limits in many states, ocean water temperatures in southern Florida are above 95 degrees, and heat indexes in Texas are apparently creating unlivable conditions based on this hilarious clip.

The broadcast is pretty normal as the meteorologist works through the temperatures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but when the graphic switches over to the heat indexes, a mistake on the map leads to a moment that not even modern-day comedies can write up.

Here’s how the broadcast sounded up until the heat index of 101,105 degrees shows up:

“Forth Worth 103, Denton 104, Decatur 105, 106 in Hillsboro, 100 in Terrell. Right now in Terrell and in Dallas, your heat index is 107.

Everyone in McKinney is dead. The temperature…the heat index right now in McKinney is 10,000…what is that? 101,105 degrees.”

Most meteorologists would just be boring and say something like:

“Sorry about that folks, looks like we have a typo up on the screen, disregard that heat index for McKinney.”

This man, this legendary weather man, decided it was time for his Saturday Night Live audition and cracked open a joke for the ages. Clearly the heat index is not in the hundreds of thousands in McKinney, and he has faith that people at home know that.

So to add some comical relief to the worrisome heat wave, he made a joke about the whole thing, and it absolutely landed. I’m sure he got a talking to from the higher ups at his news station, but who the hell cares?

This guy is a shining beacon for the idea of “let’s not take ourselves too seriously,” and I think he should be immediately promoted to one of the NBC or CBS national meteorologist positions.

Social media users loved the joke as well, shooting out replies and joining in on the fun saying:

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