Tons Of Tourists Expected To Visit Death Valley For 131 Degree World Record Temperature… What Could Go Wrong?

Death VAlley
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

There’s just absolutely no way that this goes wrong in any way.

The National Weather Service has been warning much of the southwest United States to avoid going outside if possible in the coming days as they expect record high temperatures across a large portion of the country.

Naturally, us Americans said “oh yeah? you can’t tell me what to do” and are deciding to instead celebrate the occasion by doing the exact opposite: throwing a party where it is supposed to be the hottest temperature in world history.

A post on Twitter explaining the situation states:

“Tourists are now flocking to Death Valley to experience possible world record heat of 131 degrees.

The heat is expected to hit 131 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, setting a world record for the hottest temperature ever reliably recorded, according to the National Weather Service.”

Now I’ll concede that it would be cool to say that you were there to witness a world record, but I’m sure at this rate, there will be another highest temperature somewhere else pretty soon.

Plus, I would love to see all of the influencers and clout chasers get to Death Valley so that the can document the official temperature on their Instagram or Twitter account just to have the “phone is too hot, needs to cool down before you can use it” message on their lock screen.

If that happened, then it would just cause an avalanche of bad things, since people would expend a bunch of energy complaining that their phone is too hot, then exert themselves too much in the sweltering heat and get heat exhaustion.

The potential for bad things to happen doesn’t seem to be deterring the heat-seeking tourists however, so I can’t wait to hear on the news about how bad things went and that the whole thing could have easily been avoided by, you know, listening to the National Weather Service.

Social media was certainly having a good time crafting jokes about it, sending out replies like:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock