Southall Previews Upcoming Album With Second Single “By Surprise”

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Southall is back with their second single since the name change.

It’s been a little over a month since the Oklahoma red dirt rock outfit formerly known as Read Southall Band revealed they’d be rebranding to Southall, and ever since then, good things have been happening for fans of the band it seems.

On June 30th, they released new music for the first time since their 2021 record For the Birds, dropping the spectacular single “Scared Money” as the inaugural tune under the new moniker.

Riding the hype from the new release, the band announced shortly thereafter that their next album Southall will be out on September 22nd, and that there would be plenty of opportunities to hear these songs live with the 43 show Southall World Tour taking place this fall.

As if that weren’t enough good news for a month’s time, Southall has just kept the ball rolling with their latest release “By Surprise,” the second track off of their upcoming record Southall.

And let me tell you, this might be one of their best songs yet.

Give it a listen here:

Written by drummer Reid Barber, “By Surprise” is a cleverly penned track with a sound that fits perfectly within the band’s ethos yet previews an evolving sound that is sure to be present throughout the full album.

Masterfully creating everything from songwriting-centric ballads that would make the greats like Guy Clark proud, to headbang-inducing alternative rock and roll that harkens back to the Seattle grunge scene of the early ‘90s, Southall has a diverse sound that occupies an ethereal space within the red dirt scene as well as the greater country music world.

And if I had to guess, it’ll all be on full display when Southall drops on September 22.

Aside from iconic frontman Read Southall, and electric drummer Reid Barber, Southall is comprised of a rock and roll cast that features bassist Jeremee Knipp, John Tyler Perry and Ryan Wellman slinging guitar, and Braxton Curliss on the keys.

And when all these guys are up on stage playing music together, they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. Whatever you do, you’re going to want to catch them playing these new tunes live on their fall tour, so see below for their upcoming dates.

And in case you missed the first single off of Southall a few weeks back, here is “Scared Money.”

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