Lion Loose in Berlin Causes Lockdown & Widespread Panic

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On the list of animals that you would rather not have loose in your community, a lion has to be pretty high up on that list.

Residents of Berlin have been warned to stay inside their homes after an animal presumed to be a lioness was seen and videoed devouring a wild boar in the town of Kleinmachnow. Authorities received the emergency report late Wednesday night, and the video that the resident took has made its rounds around the internet.

A press release from Berlin Police was made public shortly after the incident was reported. The document states:

“In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the police received an emergency call around 12:00 a.m. after sighting a free-roaming wild animal on Richard-Strauss-Weg in Kleinmachnow.

A mobile phone video was taken of the specific situation and presented to the police. After examining the video material, an initial assessment of the wild animal is a lioness. The situation described is considered credible.”

The Berlin police are taking the situation incredibly seriously, immediately sending out warning through loudspeakers in the community, as well as utilizing their social media to tell residents to stay indoors if possible and to keep their distance if they are to spot the lioness (and to report the sighting of course).

Currently, the lioness is still at large despite the massive efforts from the Berlin police department and other officials within the area. The press release elaborated on their extensive search, saying:

“As part of the urgent responsibility, the police immediately initiated search measures for the big cat and extensive measures to protect the population. For this purpose, more than 30 patrol cars from the Brandenburg police were on duty at night. 

In addition, police helicopters from Berlin and Brandenburg as well as Berlin police forces were involved. During the night, the police alerted veterinarians, hunters and veterinarians, who provided expert support for the police operation.”

The press release goes on to say that the officials are somewhat puzzled as to why a lioness is wandering around their community, as there is no testing facility, protection facility, circus, animal park, or zoo that has reported the missing animal.

And due to the video being determined as credible, the contents of it showing the lioness to be violent have concerned the police department.

As you can see in the clip below, the lioness appears to be ripping apart some sort of wild animal, though it is somewhat difficult to tell exactly with the lioness lit up only by the vehicle’s headlights.

Take a look:

Scary stuff…

Stay safe out there Whiskey Riff fans in Berlin.

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