Diver Stays Incredibly Calm While Great White Shark Tries To Take A Bite Out Of His Camera

Great white shark
New York Post

Yep, I’d say this diver saw his life flash before his eyes and then some.

A diver from the United Kingdom is currently counting his blessings after nearly getting his face ripped off by a massive great white shark.

The man was filming with his GoPro just inches from his face, when the huge shark took a chomp at it while he was swimming in Klein Brak, Mossel Bay in South Africa, according to the New York Post.

THE chomp was a bit too close for comfort.

The diver, 31-year-old Mark Graham, said the video is going mega viral:

“People seem to love the clip.”

Graham noted that the great white shark appeared to be very intrigued by the GoPro that was sitting atop his head, and was just trying to get a closer glimpse…

Yeah, okay… keep telling yourself that.

He continued:

“Their electro receptors can pick up the GoPro so they get super curious and come in close to investigate.”

The video footage shows the shark casually swimming, but quickly darting directly towards Graham before attempting to take a bite.

In the GoPro footage, you can literally see the inside of the shark’s mouth.

And believe it or not, Graham doesn’t appear to be phased at all:

“It was an incredibly gentle interaction from the shark. It was just trying to figure out what the strange electrical thingy in the water was.”

In fact, he’s actually grateful for the experience:

“Having such a personal and gentle interaction with such a big animal felt extremely captivating.”

And he also wants the perception of sharks to be changed:

“I think humans have an instinctive fear of what they can’t see and don’t understand. If you get the chance to see them in the wild, go and see them, I guarantee your perception will change.”

Well, all fine and good, but I’m not about to dive in the water with sharks anytime soon.

Have fun with that…

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