Brown Bear Cubs Ride On Their Mother’s Back In Amazing Footage From Alaska

Bears katmai national park
Jennifer Fogle Smith

Even the harshest of animals make great mothers.

Brown bears are just that, some of the most notorious predators in the world, and the most protecting mothers.

These creatures are massive weighing over 1,500 pounds in some cases well standing 10 feet tall.

These bears are known to survive in the harshest of terrains, eating everything and anything they can from berries and grass to fresh salmon and moose calves. They do not discriminate against any kind of food, if there’s calories they are eating.

But like anything, these beasts also need to worry about passing along their genetics. They can give birth to up to 3 cubs, which are born helpless during hibernation. The cubs nurse until the spring and they emerge to learn all about the world.

Brown bear mothers look after the cubs, fiercely protecting them from any danger. If you want to get attacked by a brown bear, find some cubs.

This awesome video from nature photographer Jennifer Fogle Smith shows a brown bear mother just looking after her cubs in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

The massive bear is seen wading through a wetland as she grazes. Her three cubs are in tow as they catch a ride on her back.

The patience only a mother could have.

Ya gotta love this.

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