Insane Video Shows Great White Shark Attacking Kayak It Flipped Over, Sailboat Comes To The Rescue

Shark attacks kayaker
Gene Mace

That is as scary as it gets.

Straight out of Jaws or something, a great white flipping over a boat and manhandling it around.

That is why I don’t mess around with the ocean… You never know where those hungry sharks are.

Great whites are the most infamous predator in the ocean. They can be up to 20 feet long and wigh as much as 2,400 pounds making them absolute beasts in size alone.

These massive creatures use their size to their advantage as they take out nearly anything that crosses their path. They are opportunistic feeders and will eat anything they can. Great whites use their great senses to track down and stealthily attack their prey.

They have a bite force that is over 4,000 PSI, meaning they can bite through just about anything. These beasts also swim up to 25 miles an hour, giving them plenty of speed to attack.

It is an age-old story, sharks attacking people. Like all large predators, it happens from time to time but the odds are low. The odds of getting attacked by any shark are 1 in 3.7 million, the chances are just low.

But it does happen. Rarely caught on video and usually very gruesome encounters.

This is a wild one.

A man on a California coast line noticed a kayak flipped over. He then noticed a great white shark pushing it around.

In disbelief the man tells his wife who can’t believe it either. He then calls for help just as a sailboat makes its way over.

The kayaker managed to get away from the boat and shark when he got flipped and got away from the scene. The sailboat then picked him up and brought him to safety.

That’s almost enough to make me never go in the ocean in a kayak…

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