Fishermen Go Nuts When Shark Leaps From Water And Steals Tarpon From Their Line

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When it comes to fishing, it doesn’t get more disheartening than hooking a big catch on the end of the line, only to lose it after battling it out.

I mean c’mon, it’s the same feeling as missing out on the Powerball because your very last number was off.

However, this video is one of those rare circumstances where the fishermen were actually not too upset that they lost out on a sweet catch…

This one all went down in Florida when group of fishermen were reeling in a nice tarpon, and everything appeared to be smooth sailing…

Until all of a sudden a MASSIVE shark leaps from the water, and reclaims the tarpon.

Needless to say, the anglers’ reactions were absolutely priceless, as it was a mixture of terror, shock, and awe.

Tarpon are very common in Florida, and are very large fish that can grow up to eight feet, and weigh more than 250 pounds. They normally reside in warm environments, which is why the waters of Florida is the perfect location for them.

The fish are also very common prey for sharks, as their shiny skin tone make them easily visible for sharks and other prey.

All I have to say is that they better be happy they caught this all on video, because it would be tough to make anyone believe this story without one.

Check it out:

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