Dolly Parton’s Wedding To Hulk Hogan For “He’s Got A Headlock On My Heart” Is PEAK ’80s

Dolly Parton Hulk Hogan
Dolly Parton

“Starlight, Starbright, the greatest in the land…”

Two things that don’t go together but oddly work? Dolly Parton and Hulk Hogan.

We are walking down memory lane to the ’80s when Dolly Parton had her television show.

On a recap episode of her variety show, they returned to one of the first episodes where Dolly wrote a song called “He’s Got A Headlock On My Heart.” For the skit, she appropriately was a fan girl for the ever-popular WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan.

“I’m going to do something now that we have had so many requests for. On my very first show, I did a video with Hulk Hogan, and it was for a song I wrote called “He’s Got A Headlock On My Heart.” 

And I wrote that because in one of those gossip magazines, you know, where they tell everything that ain’t true…

Well, they predicted I would fall in love with a 300-pound wrestler and make a video and all of that. 

I thought it was great, and the people wanted to see it again. We’ve gotten so many calls.

Every day I get calls about showing this video…most of them are from Hulk. But what the heck, I want to see it again too.” 

The video and song hilariously follows a young Dolly Parton as a fangirl of Hulk Hogan’s wrestling character, Starlight Starbright.

The wrestler notices her from the ring and whisks her off her feet (literally), and they fall in love.

The ceremony takes place, you guessed it, in the ring.

“I guess you could say he has pinned me down for a lifetime.”

Parton says to the camera at the end of the skit.

The video is lighthearted, fun and captures the genius humor of Parton.

I bet the fu-manchu mustache stole her heart… man, the ’80s were wild.


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