King Snake Lives Up To Its Name & Eats Black Snake Whole In Wild Battle To The Death

King snake
Joe Wolfe

This is without a doubt one of the craziest snake attack videos that have ever been caught on camera.

A man was walking outside near his driveway when two snakes slithering along on his property caught his eye. He wasn’t sure what was going on, so he went over to check it out and got the TikTok camera out for the encounter.

The video itself is unbelievable, but the footage becomes a cinematic masterpiece thanks to the country guy’s incredible and comical commentary as the fight goes down. In classic announcer fashion, he hypes up the face off before it begins:

“I don’t know what we’re about to see here. Some kind of nature taking place. They done invaded my driveway, what’s going to happen here?”

He could very well charge these snakes for trespassing, yet he instead decides to keep the camera rolling because it’s clear there was some bad blood between these two snakes.

He continues his commentary, and mentions a present that his pet left in the driveway:

“Look at these jokers, look at these jokers. Y’all don’t mind the dog s**t in the driveway. What the hell is going on?”

There is both literal and figurative s**t going down in this footage, especially when the black snake starts slithering towards the man and off the side of the road.

I’m not sure what went down between these two snakes before this whole thing got started, but the King snake had it out for the Black snake and matched it slither for slither seemingly undetected. Just as the King snake moves in and you can tell something is about to go down, the TikToker says:

“What in…what is going on? What are these jokers doing? Woah, hell. What in the world?”

As soon as he finished verbalizing his confusion, the King snake goes in for the kill and bites the head and neck area of the Black snake. Both reptiles begin to curl up and tangle with one another, and the fight is officially on.

Also, do snakes have necks? I just kind of noticed that I said that, and I’m not certain that, anatomically, they do…

With the TikTok user laughing in joy as he witness all of this, he manages to spit out these almost philosophical thoughts:

“Oh hell, oh s**t, oh my God. Oh s**t, holy f**k. Saturday morning in the damn country, what in the hell? I can’t believe I just got that on video. I cannot believe I just got that on video right here in my driveway.”

It becomes difficult to tell where one snake starts and the other ends as they become even more entangled, and it is evident that the King snake has gotten the best of the Black snake. Luckily for us, we are getting the best out of this country commentator:

“This is freaking nuts y’all. Holy s**t. That joker just took that black snake… I don’t know what snakes these are. I don’t know if it’s a black snake, king snake, corn snake.

Let me know, educate me, but that was f***ing cool.”

Would you look at that? He admitted his ignorance and requested to be educated on it. We could all learn something from that…

We can all also learn not to mess with snakes, and the TikToker sums that up perfectly:

“I ain’t never seen nothing like that before. He just took that f**king snake out bro. Oh my God, that is a trip.

Bro just had a bad day, real quick. Trippy. God almighty. I don’t know what to say about that.”

Take a look:


What in the actual fuck!!! I can’t believe i got this on video🍻 #snakes #natureza

♬ original sound – JoeJPnHank

The first video pretty much covers the initial fight, while the other four parts of the TikTok series show the King snake slowly (but surely) devouring the other snake.

Part two of the videos is hilariously captioned:

“I’ll keep it going until we’ve crowned a champion.”


Part 2 y’all🍻 I’ll keep it going until we have crowned the champ🤣🍻 #nature #snakes #part2ofthepullup

♬ original sound – JoeJPnHank

And then in the “finale” of the TikTok series, the King Snake finally swallows the entire black snake whole.

The TikTok user officially crowns the champion, saying in the caption:

“King Snake with the win.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to go watch something a little less “nature” focused to get my mind off of this. That’s just too much “snakes eating each other” for me today.

An absolute nightmare zone…

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