Crocodile Shows Insane Tail Power Pushing Itself Straight Up And Out Of The Water

Trevor Frost

Pure power.

Seeing nature at work, an animal just doing what they do, can be so amazing.

Saltwater crocs are some of the most ferocious animals out there. We’re talking about absolutely massive reptiles, weighing up to 2,000 pounds and measuring 20 feet long.

They are known to be incredibly powerful in every way. They have the strongest bite force in the entire world, estimated to be 3,700 PSI. On top of having the strongest bite, they have a strong body that helps them attack their prey. Their tail is incredibly strong and helps them swim fast and even propel straight up out of the water.

Basically, if they get within range and get the chance to get ahold of their target, it’s game over.

This video shows the true power these creatures have.

As people dangle meat as bait above a crocodile’s head it quickly takes notice.

The croc begins to reach up to try and get it. As he does, the people pull the bait up into the air away from it.

But the croc follows.

He comes so far out of the water after the bait that only his tail is in the water, moving back and forth holding it straight up in the air as it tries to get a bite.


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A beer bottle on a dock