Duck Pulls Off Disappearing Act & Leaves Stalking Tiger Perplexed

Tiger chasing duck

Cue the “Mission Impossible Theme Music,” this duck is the Tom Cruise of the animal kingdom.

Sorry for the Mission Impossible reference, I’m personally just getting excited for the new one coming out this week and wanted to somehow work it in.

But in all seriousness, we’ve got to give it up for this smart duck, am I right? This elusiveness is some of the best the world has ever seen, and it was deployed right on time and very well saved its own life.

In the video, the duck is paddling along a waterway as a tiger sneakily approaches. Off in the distance, you can see a couple of other tigers chilling on the waterfront, so it might be safe to assume that this is their watering hole and one of their prime hunting spots.

The tiger was doing its best to stay under the radar and limits its wake as it moved through the water, but the duck had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

The big cat had a lot of confidence as it waded closer and closer to the duck, thinking the hunt for its next meal was going to be a relatively easy endeavor. However, the duck had a trick up its sleeve, and just like the great Houdini, the winged creature left anyone who was there to witness it mystified.

Just as the tiger is about to pounce on the duck, the bird abruptly dives down into the safety of the murky water. The tiger’s reaction is priceless, giving off really big “what the hell just happened” vibes as it frantically looks around for the duck that was moments ago sitting atop the water.

Around the 11 second mark of the video, either the tiger’s tail or the duck’s head comes out from the water right behind the big cat. There’s a good chance it is the tail of the tiger, but if did happen to be the duck resurfacing, that would be so badass.

At that point, the duck would have just been toying with the tiger, which would be a legendary move. It is also possible that the duck didn’t know where it was going to come up considering the murkiness of the water and it just happened to work out.

Regardless, the duck managed to pull off an impressive underwater getaway, all while I am left wondering why it didn’t just fly off out of the water.

Don’t think about that though. Instead, take in a video of the most confused tiger you’ll ever see:

Twitter users were just as surprised as the tiger was, leaving replies under the video of wildlife encounter like:

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