Black Bear Kicks Down Front Door At Lake Tahoe Home Like It Was On An FBI Raid

Brown bear kicks down door
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I can’t imagine a worse situation than this while inside your own home.

Imagine this, you’re just hanging out in your room, and all of a sudden you hear the door bust open like a tornado was sweeping through.

You walk downstairs, and you see one of four options:

1. The police

2. A burglar

3. A car has driven through your house

Or… it could be a big ol’ black bear looking for food.

All four of those are terrible scenarios, but for me personally, I may have a heart attack if I saw a massive bear strutting through my house after breaking down the door.

I mean c’mon, this son of a gun didn’t open the door nicely, it straight up kicked it down like it was an FBI raid… he’s obviously up to no good.

As you can see, the door breaks down into shambles like a grenade had just gone off in front of it, and sure enough you see a massive brown bear walk in like it owns the place.

Luckily, it appears that nobody was home, as the video was captured on what appears to be security footage.

It looks like he turned around and moseyed on out of there so hopefully the big beast didn’t proceed to tear up the entire interior of the home while looking for food. In fact, he almost looked like a drunk moron who accidentally broke into the wrong house, said “this ain’t my house,” and got the hell out of there.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock