Towering Alaskan Moose Walks Along Street Median & People Can’t Believe How Big It Is

Bull Moose
Oddly Terrifying

Yeah, I guess I didn’t know that a moose could be this big either.

For those that regularly see the massive beasts, I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal to set your eyes upon a moose. As for the the rest of us, this video of a moose walking down a median with its antlers hanging over the road is pretty eye-opening.

Moose are the largest of all deer in the deer family, and their height and weight might surprise you. Males are typically bigger than females, but both are still larger than you might think. On average, bull moose usually stand at 6 feet tall at their shoulders, and can even weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

Judging by how small these cars look in comparison to the towering moose, it might be safe to say that this adult male is a touch bigger than average. The moose packs that SUV look like a toy car as it walks right by it.

This Alaskan moose was so large that it actually forced the blue car to do a bit of a double take, putting it in reverse (shoutout Terry) so it can get another look at the beautiful work of Mother Nature one more time.

The video was posted on Twitter by “Oddly Terrifying,” and I guess it is a little scary that this thing is just wondering around in the wild?

People actually hunt these things (they’re actually some of the most sought after big game animals on the planet), and I can’t imagine trying to track down something that could actually turn around and kill you pretty easily.

Also, I have to point it out, the caption of the video states:

“Never realized how massive meese are.”

Hate to break it to them, and maybe they did it on purpose, but the only plural of moose is actually “moose.” There is no such thing as “meese” or “mooses,” even as great as saying meese would be.

Anyways, enough about grammar, check out this mammoth of a moose below:

Those in the reply section of the video could hardly believe how big the moose appeared to be as it walked by the cars, saying:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock