The ‘Yellowstone’ Cast Weighs In On Beth & Rip’s Flashback Scenes: “A Lot Of Lessons To Learn There”

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It feels like a century since I have gathered around a TV for a Yellowstone watch party.

While the unconventional breaking of season 5 into two parts has left fans on a cliffhanger, it has also allowed fans to go back and uncover some Easter eggs while re-watching past seasons or refreshing themselves on the first half of season 5 before it returns in November.

Throughout the show’s history, many flashbacks are crucial in understanding each character’s development. One story that captured the hearts of fans everywhere is Beth and Rip.

We recently started getting more flashbacks from the couple in their early years, indicating why their relationship has been less than conventional throughout their history.

Beth’s crass nature is her form of flirting due to her inability to express emotion.

“I feel like I know her so well, but I’m still learning…

She can’t let herself show any vulnerability. And she’s testing him. She’s prickly. She loves him, she adores him, but for Beth, falling in love or being vulnerable was not easy.”

Says Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton.

While young Beth is trying to learn how to portray emotion, young Rip tries to control his, especially during the scene where he gives Rowdy a beating after speaking ill of Beth.

After this incident, Rip gives his loyalty to the ranch it’s interesting to see how much respect Rip has for John Dutton from such a young age. John brought him into a home when he had nothing, so Rip feels he owes them everything.

The complex nature of the two characters carrying extreme pride and loyalty for the Dutton Ranch made their love story far from textbook.

Not to mention Rip’s internal battle when he started to gain feelings for the ranch owner’s daughter… not always the best look.

I hope we get more of these flashback scenes in the final six episodes.

It really helps shape the picture of why they grew into the adults we see on screen– and how do you not love those zingers from young Beth.

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