Fisherman Watches His First Tarpon Get Mauled By A Shark In Galveston Bay

shark Galveston

I can just about guarantee your first time fishing in the ocean wasn’t as wild as this.

Deep sea fishing is eventful in itself, as you have the opportunity to catch some MASSIVE fish. But inshore fishing can be just as exciting, dropping a line in any of the country’s largest bays or inlet waterways.

However, very rarely do you see one of those massive fish you’re about to catch get attacked by another.

With that being said, this first time bay angler had the experience of a lifetime.

According to the caption, this one went down in Galveston, Texas, where the writer explains that it was his buddy’s first time bay fishing off the coast of the city:

“Buddy of mine has never been bay fishing in Galveston and first time out sees the coolest damn thing I could imagine.”

And boy, he wasn’t lying.

In the wild video footage, you can see a tarpon on the other end of the line, and it appears they’re about to try and get it into the boat.

But, that ended up not happening, as a massive shark swims in and attacks the tarpon, and that was about all she wrote.

It’s a pretty nasty scene, as you can see blood everywhere as the shark attacks the tarpon.

You can hear one of the dudes on board yell out to “open the bail,” which would allow the fishing line to run in the event that the hook got stuck in the shark too (or if it swallowed the hook).

Nevertheless, this is one rare and wild moment these anglers will keep with them forever.

Check it out:

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