Home Depot Employee Quits His Job, Cusses & Tries To Fight Customer After Argument In Checkout Line

Home Depot

A stroll through Home Depot on a Sunday afternoon is hard to beat, unless you work there and you hate your job like this guy.

Meet Andrew, a young kid probably just working at the home improvement store for the summer (or at least he was). I bring up his name only because you are about to hear his manager use it over 20 times trying to get him to calm down and stop cursing at a customer.

So from what I can gather from the conversation, the two people at checkout wanted Andrew to go back and check a price for them. The young cashier apparently then asked if they could go check it themselves, and things went south from there.

At some point, Andrew’s manager (that poor lady) is brought into the situation to try and resolve things, but it turns out that our boy Andrew simply wasn’t having it that day. In the clip, the customer is trying to plead his case with the manager and Andrew, saying:

“We asked you to check the price and you said ‘no.'”

Andrew hostilely responded:

“I didn’t say ‘no,’ I just said ‘can you get a picture for me,’ and you made a big deal out of that. I told you to get a f***ing picture.”

And once that first f-bomb was fired, it was all downhill from there. Cursing rarely makes a situation better (unless you utilize them after stubbing your toe), and this a testament to that.

The customer fires back:

“You work here, buddy.”

You’ll see in the video that they are not, in fact, buddies. Actually, they would probably be described better as “mortal enemies,” similar to how Batman and the Joker see one other (don’t make me say who is who in this situation).

Using the word buddy must’ve triggered Andrew, because the train really comes off the tracks when he says:

“I don’t give a f*** if I work here, bro. Get the f*** out of my face.”

The Home Depot worker then flips something off of the checkout counter as he says this, really delivering a dramatic effect, as if the altercation wasn’t already dramatic enough.

And while all of this is going down, Andrew’s manager is doing her darnedest to get him to calm down (you feel bad for her, but it’s also kind of funny). She tells him to go sit in the manager’s office, and as he walks around the counter and past her and the customers he’s feuding with, he exclaims:

“I quit, I f***ing quit. I don’t give a f***.”

It’s pretty clear that you don’t give a f*** Andrew, but thank you for the clarification. To make matters worse, the customer who wanted the price check (and was apparently too lazy to walk back there himself) adds:

“Good, you should quit, then I’ll come back.”

And it is at this very moment that the funniest part of the video is revealed: the customer Andrew is fighting with is wearing a “Grumpy” shirt from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Absolutely perfect. Chef’s kiss.

Some more words are exchanged back and forth between Andrew, the angry customer, and Andrew’s poor manager, but it’s probably best to just let you see it (in all of its glory) for yourself.

Take a look:

Home Depot: where doers get more done and/or juvenile workers scream profanities at you.

I’d say that local Home Depot has a job opening for “Cashier” if anyone out there is looking for a position…

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