Peregrine Falcon Trains Her Young How To Hunt, Drops Them A Squirrel Mid-Air

Falcon chimpmunk
Tohid Azimi

Nature is awesome.

The things that go on out there are amazing. A mother training their young how to survive in the harshest of conditions with a unique skillset that only they have.

That stuff keeps me running out there to see more of it.

And some of the best out there are birds of prey. The expert hunters of the sky. They are hard not to love when you see them in action.

Peregrine falcons are some of the coolest too. They have a body adapted for swift flight, making speed their hunting tool. They have a wingspan of around 3.5 feet and weigh just over 3 pounds.

They are the fastest animals on the planet, being able to reach diving speeds over 240 miles per hour…

That is insanely fast for such a small creature. They use aerodynamics and tuck themselves in high in the air to reach these speeds.

These falcons have to teach their chicks how to use the speed and how to hunt at the same time. Given it’s a dangerous and crazy skill, it takes time.

The birds train them by introducing them to it slowly, first showing them a hunt, then presenting them with the kill in the air. Through time they pick up the skills and can survive on their own with a killer strike.

This peregrine falcon is seen teaching its babies how to hunt.

The falcon is seen bringing them a squirrel it caught. It drops the squirrel in flight and when its young can’t catch it, the bird dives down and shows them how its done.

What a bird… Birds of prey are amazing.

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