Celebrate Independence Day With This Majestic Bald Eagle Going Through The TSA Line At The Airport

Bald Eagle

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there.

Hopefully you are reading this article in between eating a hotdog, jumping out of the pool or lake, watching patriotic fireworks, or shotgunning a beer.

That’s what the holiday is all about, am I right? It doesn’t matter what you do to celebrate the USA’s independence, it just matters that you celebrate.

Our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776 (I guess technically this is an “on this date” article) so we could throw back light beer, shovel down glizzys, and scream “Bald Eagle” into the night sky as fireworks explode in beautiful red, white, and blue colors.

And speaking of bald eagles, our nation’s bird is one of the staples of July 4th, solely because it looks majestic doing just about anything.

Swooping down into a glistening pond and grabbing a fish with its sharp talons? U.S. of A baby. Pecking at some roadkill on the side of the road? Yep, that’s America. Spreading its wings and flying into the Neapolitan sky of a southern sunset? Cue “God Bless the U.S.A” by Lee Greenwood.

Even when it is doing something as mundane as going through airport security, the magnificent bird looks like a bad ass.

Now you might have a couple of questions as to why this thing is going through the TSA line at the airport. I’ve got an answer for that. You might also be wondering if the Eagle had any bags checked with the airline, and that I unfortunately do not have an answer for.

Turns out that Clark the Eagle was shooting a commercial for the TSA, which is explained below:

“There’s now more information about a bald eagle that was spotted going through TSA earlier this week at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

According to the TSA, Clark the Eagle, with the World Bird Sanctuary, decided to give his ‘wings a break and fly commercial.’ TSA said Southwest Airlines notified them about his arrival, which allowed them to screen him and his handler.

Officials said Clark is trained to spread his wings when going through TSA screenings, which is obvious when watching the video.”

Yeah, it is obvious that the thing is spreading its wings while it is in line. Imagine being in line, maybe even a little late for your flight, and getting held up by this bald eagle. Would you be upset, or would you be mystified?

You’d probably be upset, but it is still pretty funny to see the big bird going through the line just like everyone else. All bald eagles don’t get free TSA pre-check?

Check it out, as a guy taking the video spurts out “America,” because you are kind of obligated to every time you see a bald eagle:

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