The MSG Sphere In Las Vegas Is Almost Ready, & It Looks Incredible From The Outside

MSG sphere
Joe Pompliano

If you haven’t heard about the Madison Square Garden Sphere that is going up in Las Vegas and is now soon to open, where have you been?

I also just noticed that they really missed out on calling it the Madison Sphere Garden…

Does it even really make sense to include the name “square” in what is the world’s largest spherical building? I’m sure the architect is kicking themselves right now if they are reading this, and if you are, there’s still time to change it before it officially opens up.

A video of the venue testing out its outer LED panels as it approaches its late September opening date went viral on social media because…well it looks crazy.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an abnormal looking building, and I’m saying that in a good way. In the modern day of “cookie-cutter” buildings, it’s refreshing to see a new, unique, astronomically expensive complex that is sure to change the concert experience as we know it.

Footage of the Sphere testing out its over 600,000 square feet of outer LED screens have been circulating all over the internet, with the recent tests being the first time that anyone has ever seen the world’s largest LED screen lit up.

Turns out they are getting ready for a debut (at least of the outside) for a 4th of July show. Check out the Twitter video from Joe Pompliano (if you still have some of your 600 tweets of the day available), which is captioned with some of the specs that the venue impressively boasts:

“The $2.3 billion MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is almost ready.

-366 feet high

-516 feet wide

-18,000 seats

-164,000 speakers

-580,000 square feet of LED panels

It is the world’s largest sphere and will officially open this September with a U2 concert.”

U2 concert opening up the building? For U2 fans (I know a couple that are going), the Irish rock group opening up the groundbreaking music venue is a dream come true.

For those people who are still upset at U2 for putting a free album on their phones, it’s probably less exciting of a milestone.

Regardless of who is playing in it, the experience at The Sphere will undeniably set the bar high for all other concerts. Imagine some of the large scale country music acts that could rock out in the futuristic building…

Someone that toured the facility described a couple of interesting perspectives about the new venue, saying:

“The seating has more of a opera feel to it than an arena. Mega amounts of tech in it. Far exceeding a normal venue. Depth perception is interesting. Feels like a fish eye view.”

And if the outside is this impressive, I can’t imagine what the inside will look like. Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock