Las Vegas Is Building A Crystal Ball-Like Concert Venue That Looks Straight Out Of ‘Back To The Future’

A pink and blue ball

Remember when people thought we would be flying around in airborne cars, and everything would be holograms by now?

I mean honestly, Back to the Future set the expectations pretty damn high for 2015, but here we are in 2021, and still no airborne cars and holograms.

However, this may be the first invention that actually appears to be taking a step towards the “future.”

Las Vegas is known for creating the most innovative ways to draw tourists in from across the world, and with several competitors such as Dubai who are becoming the most innovative cities on the planet, needless to say, they’re trying to get ahead.

Sin City is currently in the process of building a ginormous concert venue, that looks like a massive crystal ball, or snow globe, however you wanna take it.

The venue is projected to seat 17,000 people, and will contain the highest HD screen the world has ever seen, making it feel like any seat in the house is a great one.

Dubbed the MSG Sphere, the wild project will stand at 367 feet tall, with a screen that is allegedly 100 times clearer than the best of the best HD.

Could you imagine seeing some of the greats there?

Imagine Garth Brooks lighting up the stage there. It would probably be so beautiful that he would cry (No, he definitely would).

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock