OceanGate CEO Banned Country Music On Doomed Titanic Submersible

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One of the most important parts of a trip is loading up the playlist with your favorite songs, right?

Well apparently that’s true even if the trip is to the bottom of the ocean to visit the wreckage of the Titanic.

More details are emerging about the final hours before the doomed OceanGate submersible, The Titan, set out to visit the site of the world’s most famous shipwreck on June 18.

According to Sky News, in the days before the fateful voyage, the passengers attended safety meetings and presentations onboard the Polar Prince, which was the submersible’s mother ship that carried the vessel out to sea.

Passengers were told to eat a “low-residue diet” the day before the trip, and to skip their morning coffee on the morning on the dive (if you know you know).

The descent would be in total darkness, with the lights off on the submersible to conserve energy. But passengers were told that they would still be able to see bioluminescent sea life outside of the sub’s porthole window.

And they were also told to load their favorite music onto their phone so that the group could listen to it on their way down to the Titanic. But OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush had one rule for the passengers: No country music.

I mean, if I were going to a dive miles below the surface of the ocean I would probably want to listen to some ’90s country to calm my nerves, throw on some “John Deere Green” to really get the sub going, but to each his own I guess.

Of course we all know by now what happened to the submersible, which imploded near the Titanic wreck site and tragically killed all five passengers onboard, including CEO Stockton Rush, British explorer Hamish Harding, French submarine pilot Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood, and his 19-year old son Suleman Dawood.

As more details about the tragedy have emerged, Rush and OceanGate have been at the center of the controversy, with questions surrounding the engineering of the submersible and the CEO’s commitment to the safety of the passengers.

We may not know exactly what the final moments looked like inside The Titan, but we do know they weren’t listening to country music.

Just one of many questionable decisions made by the CEO.

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