Kid Hilariously Mistakes A Deer Running Across A Forest Path For A… Kangaroo?

Deer kid
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When a parent gets the chance to take their kid out into nature, it can be a truly rewarding experience.

Showing them all that the great outdoors has to offer can be life-changing for young kids and instill them with an appreciation for Mother Nature for a lifetime. This father and son were out walking around a trail in the woods when they fortunately got to see a deer in action.

The clip begins with a white-tail deer booking it across the forest, most likely spooked by the two people walking around in its habitat. As it runs across the path and quickly navigates through the trees, the father laughs in astonishment and appreciation.

I’m sure he was happy to share the moment with his son, and he was especially excited that he got the encounter on video. After the deer begins to disappear into the brush, the father moves the camera to focus on his son and his reaction.

The kid was clearly excited to see the deer, and might’ve been a little nervous seeing it out in the wild considering he was holding his bottle pretty close to his chest. When he turns to see that his dad has turned the camera on him, he smiles, and his father asks him a very simple question:

“What was that?”

Without hesitation, the young kid fires back an answer. It was as if he knew his dad would ask him that very question, and he impressively and confidently answered:

“A Kangaroo.”

So close, yet so far away.

I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt and say this: at least the colors of both deer and kangaroos are pretty close. Plus, the way the deer was galloping through the woods kind of (emphasis on “kind of”) resembled that of a hop, which is the traditional mode of transportation for roos.

I’d also say that children nowadays probably see more anthropomorphic kangaroo characters in their television programming than deer characters. The last time I saw a deer in a children’s show or movie was Disney’s Bambi, and that came out in 1942.

You would hope that the kid would know the difference between a kangaroo and a deer, but it’s okay (and most importantly hilarious) that he doesn’t. Some might blame school curriculum for not educating the youth on what a deer is, and that’s fine, though I think the disconnect is a result from something else.


I hate to sound like an old, out-of-touch “boomer,” but I am willing to go out on a limb and say that the world has become a worse place since the video game Fortnite was released. Just think about it…

Fortnite came out, and now all kids are doing are playing it or wishing that they were playing it. Or doing the dances that their characters do in the video game in real life. If you haven’t been around young kids lately, that’s basically all they are doing, and that is not an exaggeration.

Apparently they don’t have deer on Fortnite, so I officially blame the video game for this animal mix-up. It might be a stretch, sure, but so is confusing a kangaroo that primarily travels on its back two legs for a common white-tailed deer.

Take a look:

I was going to add in what people were replying with in the comments of the video, but it would be a little repetitive considering that nearly every person has just left a ton of “laughing face emojis” underneath the hilarious clip.

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