Black Bear Hilariously Jumps To Mimic Young Boy At Nashville Zoo

Black bear
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Nothing beats an animal being funny, especially with people in a safe situation.

Bears are some of the funniest animals out there. Anytime you have the opportunity to watch one, you realize how intelligent and capable they really are.

Black bears are a simple animal, they love food. Their whole life revolves around getting it and really the have no predators. So, their whole focus is eating, naturally they become good at it and can weigh as much as 600 pounds if they are well fed.

These bears can break into vehicles, garages, garbage cans and anything else where there might be food. Their drive to eat makes them highly intelligent, able to problem solve and get what they want, despite how difficult it may seem.

This makes black bear surprisingly easy to tame. Not that bear training is for the faint of heart, but it can be done.

Zoos are known to keep these animals happy by keeping them well fed to avoid any risk.

This often leads to very happy bears.

This black bear at the Nashville Zoo must have been fed well.

He is seen jumping up and down mimicking a young kid who does the same on the outside of the enclosure.

What a smart creature.

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