Turkey Violently Tackles A Low-Flying Drone In Minnesota

Turkey drone
Ashley Senarighi

Turkeys often can act aggressive if practicing self defense, and this bird clearly felt threatened by this shiny, flying drone.

If you haven’t noticed, drones are pretty much everywhere nowadays. We’ve got drones performing mystifying light shows, drones delivering food and packages, and drones even being incorporated into baseball games.

Look how oddly satisfying this drone footage from the MLB’s recent London Series was:

Drones are clearly becoming a staple of human life, but that doesn’t mean that turkeys have to be on board with it. This one in particular especially wasn’t keen on the whole “flying camera” technology.

The great part about this video is that it is captured from the point of view of the drone. I’m sure the footage would have been entertaining from a third-person, bystander perspective too, but there was something special about seeing the turkey hone in on the drone head-on that made it that much more hilarious.

As the drone floats above the wooded area, you can see a large tom turkey just at the edge of the woods, minding its own business. The drone slowly closes in on the big bird, with the turkey side-eyeing the flying device as it gets closer and closer.

When you watch, you might think to yourself that the turkey might not notice the flying device at all, but that thought gets thrown out the window when it launches a sudden attack on the drone. Whoever was flying it didn’t have much time to react, and before you know it, the drone had been violently knocked down to the grassy ground by the fierce turkey.

Imagine the fear you would have flying the this thing and seeing the turkey come right after you. Just based on the camera quality alone, this has to be a pretty fancy, expensive drone. It doesn’t really matter how much it cost though, because now we’ve got a turkey attacking drone video that is priceless.

I’m sure the drone owner is pretty upset about the damage though…

Actually, the drone owner is named Ashley Senarighi, and they took to Facebook to share the video with the funny caption:

“Practicing my flying skills with our new drone and came across a turkey in the field.

I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen, but this wasn’t it.”

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