Australian Golfer Hits Shot Out Of Bunker Over Kangaroo & It Almost Goes In

Australian golfer

This is about as Australian as it gets.

Usually when you have to avoid a kangaroo on a golf course, you are playing putt-putt and not actual golf. The only way that it could have been more stereotypically Australian is if after the guy hit the shot, he yelled out “shrimp on the barbie,” threw a boomerang, and then taken a bite of a Vegemite sandwich.

I’m sure those from Australia get upset that we act like their country is just one big Outback steakhouse. If there are any readers from the “Land Down Under” checking out this article, let me apologize on behalf of all other misinformed non-Australians.

But you can’t disagree that this video screams Australia, so hopefully we can all agree on that.

In the short clip, a golfer is sizing up his sand shot as he approaches the green. Usually bunker shots present enough of a challenge for golfers on their own, let alone if there is a wild animal standing a mere 10 feet in front of you.

As the kangaroo eats grass in between the sand trap and the green, the golfer swings his club back and through, splashing down into the sand and sending the ball flying over the official symbol of Australia.

The kangaroo shakes its head a bit, appearing to be hit by some of the sand from the bunker shot. The golfer isn’t paying too much attention to the wild animal, and is instead keeping a close eye on the golf ball as it nearly goes into the hole.

If it would have gone in, it would have had to be in the conversation for best golf shot of all time, right?

The pressure, the distraction, the potential for an animal attack if a poor bunker shot was hit. All the arrows were pointing towards disaster, yet this Australian golfer kept his cool and nearly holed out, from the sand, over a kangaroo.

Check it out:

Twitter users agreed that the golf shot was one of the best and strangest they’ve ever seen, and also found the kangaroo’s reaction to be quite entertaining:

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